Van Jones To His ‘Stalker’ Glenn Beck: ‘Quit Smearing Me And Lying’

Van Jones appeared with Ed Schultz last night and reiterated his challenge to Glenn Beck to have a debate. Schultz was shocked that Beck didn’t jump on the offer, but Jones wasn’t surprised that “entertainer” Beck laughed it off and would rather focus on distractions than have a substantive debate.

Jones explained that after Beck “attacked the American dream” he couldn’t stay silent about Beck anymore:

“I have tried to be a turn the other cheek kind of guy about this type of stuff, but I only got four cheeks and I’m running out. I mean the guy has been relentless for two years, it’s like having a stalker. He knows these are lies, he just says the same thing over and over again.”

Schultz still wasn’t entirely sure why Jones waited two years to “punch back” at Beck, but Jones concluded with a message to Beck: “quit smearing me and lying and making up stuff, let’s debate the actual issues and so far he’s running away from it.” It’s unclear why Beck would want to deprive his viewers of the ultimate confrontation between good and evil (of course who plays those roles depends on your perspective), yet maybe Schultz is right, he just wants to save Jones for his Internet TV adventure?

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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