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Veep Recap: To Everyone’s Horror, The Veep Is Pregnant

This episode opens with Vice President Selina Meyer at an anti-obesity event, where she has gathered, with the heads of a couple of grocery store chains, at the Baltimore Orioles’ stadium to eat organic produce and listen to Dan try out his “it’s food-nomenal” line on everybody in the room. We see that the tagline for this campaign is “Get Moving!”, an obvious nod to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” The only difference is that Obama is way better at mustering enthusiasm for the cause than Selina. Since this is Veep,, everyone’s misery must be compounded, which is how we get a conversation between Amy and Selina in which Selina expresses concern that she is pregnant.

Is that even possible, Amy wonders, a sentiment that will be repeated later in the episode, making Selina snap that she’s not that old. She still has to make it through the event, which is further complicated by a gas leak that traps everyone in the stadium. That’s not the only leak there is to worry about, however — despite being asked to keep the pregnancy bombshell in their “circle of two” by Selina, Amy gets Gary and Mike involved, including sending Gary to the drugstore to pick up a billion pregnancy tests, when all he wants is to be in a picture with the Orioles team to impress his withholding father.

The press is an ongoing problem in this episode — first there’s a lipreading photographer who Selina believes has figured out that she’s with child, and it’s not long before other reporters get involved. They follow her to her next event at an elementary school, and while she believes they’re chasing the pregnancy story, the issue is somewhat more banal. There’s a brewing scandal about a Secret Service agent Selina had reassigned after he visibly reacted to one too many conversations, which is now being rebranded as “being fired for smiling.”

Selina and Amy agree that she’s politically finished if she’s pregnant, and that she would have to keep the baby unless (this is where the show really goes to a dark place) she somehow ends up on a “special vacation to Mexico,” but there might be another way out of this. Selina calls her boyfriend Ted and tells him that she may be pregnant, that the story has been leaked, and that they’re definitely going to have to get married. She calls Sue to find a believable date on her calendar six weeks in the past, when they can say that Ted proposed. And of course, this might all be for naught. It’s possible she’s not pregnant after all.

Those hopes are quickly dashed when, in a scene that darkly (perhaps inappropriately, but that is the show’s M.O.) mocks George W. Bush being informed of the 9/11 attacks while listening to children read “My Pet Goat” in a classroom, Gary whispers to Selina “You are very very pregnant,” and the camera lingers on her frozen face while the oblivious kids in the room serenade her. I didn’t think the show would go for a positive test result, although it could turn out to be a false alarm. After all, we see Gary working on the tests in the school’s bathroom, squirting eyedropper-fuls of pee onto each test (and some into his eye) haphazardly. We’ll have to wait until next week to know for sure, and to see if Selina’s hapless team is any better at keeping a lid on the story. In the meantime, you can see a preview for next week’s episode, “Full Disclosure,” below via HBO:

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