comScore Christine Hallquist Admits She Cannot Define Socialism

Vermont Democratic Candidate for Governor: I’m Not Sure What Socialism Is

There was a bit of an odd moment on New Day today when Christine Hallquist, the Democratic Party nominee for governor of Vermont, was unable to define socialism.

While interviewing Hallquist — who made history on Tuesday as the first transgender candidate to be nominated by a major party for governor — New Day host John Berman referenced a Gallup poll which found that Democratic voters have an increasing preference for socialism over capitalism. When asked if the numbers surprised her, Hallquist declined to answer the question directly — denouncing the idea of political “labels” while calling for universal healthcare and living wages for all.

“I don’t know how that became socialism, or Republican or Democrat,” Hallquist said. “Let’s be a civilized society.”

When Berman asked if Hallquist supports capitalism, she answered thusly:

“Obviously, the long history of measuring ourselves by increasing gross domestic product is a flawed measure. That just encourages consumption, and we see what consumption is doing to our world.”

When Berman pointed out that Hallquist seemed to have an affinity for socialism over capitalism, she said “I’m not sure I even know what socialism is, so I don’t have the background to answer that question.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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