‘Very Good Meeting’: Cuomo Calls WH Sitdown With Trump ‘Productive,’ Says New York No Longer Needs USNS Comfort


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called into MSNBC following his Tuesday meeting with President Donald Trump regarding coronavirus testing and claimed it was a “very functional and effective” conversation.

“The meeting went well. And I think it was productive,” Cuomo told MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace. “The big issue was testing, as everything knows, that’s going to be the next step as we go forward and how do we separate the responsibilities and the tasks on testing, vis-a-vis the state and the federal government and the acknowledgment that we all need to work together on this. It has to be a real partnership.”

The governor then explained that while the states regulate testing labs, and are responsible for where coronavirus tests are taken and how they are allocated, the federal government will give manufacturers what they need to make the test kits and other supplies.

Cuomo also mentioned that the president was “open and understanding” to funding state governments in order to help with re-opening initiatives.

He then told Wallace that the president did not bring up his press and media coverage, and the two only discussed the broader issues surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

“He wanted to know what was working in New York, what was not working in New York, what are our challenges ahead were, what we needed from the federal government, how we could see the state and federal government working together,” Cuomo said of Trump’s concerns.

Cuomo then mentioned the USNS Comfort, which the federal government sent to New York as a way to help free space in hospitals, and said that New York no longer needs it.

“We don’t really need the Comfort anymore. It did give us comfort, but we don’t need it anymore. If they need to deploy it somewhere else, they should take it,” he told Wallace.

Later during the phone interview, Wallace asked Cuomo about a New York Times headline that stated ‘I Don’t Think the New York We Left Will Be Back for Some Years.’

“If you don’t have a therapeutic or a vaccine, I think you’ll see a significant lag in those areas, right? Because density is what created this issue,” Cuomo answered. “New York City is one of the most dense places on the globe, that’s why you can’t compare any other place to it and density is a problem in this situation.”

“And whatever we do, or whatever government says, I just think people are going to be very wary before they walk into a Broadway theater or they get into a crowded subway car.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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