Veteran Who Gave Trump His Purple Heart Has No Regrets: I Was ‘Proud’ to Do It


The retired lieutenant colonel who gave Donald Trump his Purple Heart appeared on Fox today to defend his decision and sing the praises of the Republican nominee.

Louis Dorfman made headlines when Trump invited him on stage yesterday to thank him for giving him the medal he earned during his time in service. Dorfman addressed the recent rumors by saying that the medal he gave Trump was the real deal, and that he felt a “genuine” moment with the mogul during their encounter.

“I felt he took it in the manner in which I gave it,” Dorfman said.

Trump’s critics have accused him of cheapening the medal’s value by accepting it and saying “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart, this was much easier.” This comes as Trump faces criticisms from the Khans and other gold star families, both due to his recent antics, and due to Trump having never served in combat after dodging the Vietnam War draft.

Dorfman addressed Trump’s statement from the rally, where he said that the mogul’s words were “taken out of context” after Trump told him in private that the gesture was an honor. Dorfman went on to say that Trump would make a good Commander-in-Chief, and that he has no regrets about giving Trump his medal.

Watch above, via FOX.

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