Vice President Joe Biden At Wreath Laying Ceremony & Speech At Arlington National Cemetery

It was a somber occasion at Arlington National Cemetery today, where the traditional Memorial Day ceremony of decorating the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier took place. Vice President Joe Biden was there to do the honors and thank the troops for their service, telling several anecdotes of soldiers that had valiantly served the country.

After laying the ceremonial wreath on the Tomb and taking a moment to honor the fallen, Biden spoke to the crowd and, specifically, to those serving in the military, about the new threats that soldiers of this generation face and how “the forces of globalization have made the world across which they must fight much smaller. And as the world around us shrinks, it means trouble halfway around the globe can and will visit us, no matter how high our walls or how high our oceans.” Despite the troubles of which he spoke, Biden kept the speech ultimately positive and grateful.

Below is video of the wreath-laying ceremony, and Vice President Biden’s speech below that:

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