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Vice President Joe Biden Thinks Sarah Palin’s Presidential Ambitions Are Just Hilarious

Vice President Joe Biden has built up a reputation as a relatively carefree spirit– the kind of guy who only worries when absolutely necessary. And it’s fair to say that in his duties as vice president, he has had little time to worry about Sarah Palin. So when the Morning Joe crew reminded him of what Palin was up to– namely, asserting her belief that she could win the presidency away from President Obama– all Vice President Biden could do was laugh.

The Vice President was making the rounds with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski when the latter brought up an interview with Barbara Walters where Palin noted she thought herself capable of beating President Obama. Vice President Biden– who, it’s worth noting, has debated both of them– reacted with a giggle fit while Scarborough and Brzezinski erupted in full laughter. “I don’t– you’re getting me in trouble here,” he responded with a smile. After settling down a bit, the vice president attempts a serious response to Palin: “I don’t think she could beat President Obama, but she’s always underestimated, so… I don’t think I should say anymore.”

The video via MSNBC below:

P.S.– Today is Vice President Joe Biden’s birthday! Many happy returns on the day for the Vice President.

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