Vince Vaughn Introduced Rep. Ron Paul At A Libertarian Conference Last Night

It’s been an exciting week for Rep. Ron Paul celebrity endorsements. After the Daily Caller caught up with songwriting legend Barry Manilow and found out the crooner agrees with “just about everything” on the Paul platform– and that mere days after this patriotic American went to bat for the obstetrician/Congressman– Rep. Paul got a very special introduction at the Liberty Political Action Conference from actor Vince Vaughn.

Vaughn appeared at LPAC to introduce Rep. Paul, an announcement made sometime yesterday evening. This morning, Ron Paul 2012 published some photos of Vaughn with Rep. Paul (and Sen. Rand Paul!) from the evening before, where the three seem friendly. By way of explanation, the press release announcing Vaughn’s appearance explained that the two are “friends”:

“Ron and Vince are friends, with Vince not merely interested in Dr. Paul’s philosophy but he also graciously invited Dr. and Mrs. Paul to the premier of his film Couples Retreat,” explains Paul adviser Jesse Benton in a statement. Paul attended the cinematic shindig in 2009 with Vaughn, who supported Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Yes, there are photos of Rep. Paul and his wife working the red carpet at Couples Retreat.

Also worthy of note is this National Review piece on the matter, which includes as somewhat unexpected yet delightful quote from longtime Hollywood conservatarian (is this portmanteau a “thing” yet?) Andrew Breitbart, thanking Vaughn and Manilow for their independent thinking and coining the phrase “creeping emancipation,” which sounds like something you need to swat off of yourself but may actually mean that we will see increasingly delightful odd couples of conservative and libertarian thinkers hobnobbing with the newly openly conservative and libertarian Hollywood elite.

It’s an interesting proposition, as this is the second in a bizarre wave of endorsements this week for Rep. Paul, and should the wave continue, asking whether Hollywood Libertarians are the new Hollywood Liberals is certainly a valid question. That’s not to say that we can expect Alec Baldwin or Sean Penn to give up their adoring faith in big government anytime soon, but if libertarianism has grown so far as to gnaw away at the most loyal voting block the Democrats have got– Hollywood– this may be an indication of an even bigger political problem for the American left.

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