Violent, Bloody Brawl Between Antifa and Patriot Prayer at So-Called ‘Law and Order’ March in Portland Caught On Video


In covering clashes in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, the word “mob” would not be a controversial description to apply to the groups battling each other and police, as kicking, punching, stomping, pepper spray, batons, fire and more were deployed and used in a series of out-of-control confrontations that were caught on camera by social media users.

Local newspaper The Oregonian covered the story on Saturday after the clashes took place, and reported that the two groups “used bear spray, bare fists and batons to thrash each other” in the confrontation that took place mostly outside of popular local bar Kelly’s Olympian. The Oregonian report includes the above video and notes the story comes just a day after video surfaced of a similar confrontation in New York City, in which so-called Proud Boys allegedly beat a protester.

The Portland battles were also caught for Twitter, first and obviously (but not exclusively) by the Oregonian‘s Shane Kavanaugh, who filed the article for the paper. His thread first follows the gathering of the parties.

Then it began to turn.

There were other cameras rolling, of course.

This one is crazy.


The clashes come a few days after Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler gave Antifa protesters a pass for increasingly aggressive protests, also caught on video, which involved blocking traffic, attempting to “direct” traffic, threatening drivers, striking vehicles, and even shouting at the elderly.

The two mobs came to their blows on Saturday night, but no arrests were made on either side in these incidents, either.

Watch the clips above, courtesy of Twitter and The Oregonian.

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