Virginia Lawmaker Plans to File Articles of Impeachment if Fairfax Does Not Resign


Virginia State Delegate Patrick Hope has vowed to file articles of impeachment against Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax if he doesn’t step down amid sexual assault allegations.

Fairfax has strongly denied the allegations — now being made by two women — and says he has insisted he has no plans to resign.

Yet, if Fairfax does not step down by Monday, Hope has pledged to file articles of impeachment.

During a press conference on Friday, Hope said that we’ll “find out” if his filing will ultimately result in the impeachment of Fairfax.

In explaining why he did not file articles of impeachment against Governor Ralph Northam and Virginia  State Attorney General Mark Herring  — who are facing their own scandals — Hopw also said this: “This clearly meets that threshold [for impeachment]. While the events that occurred 30-some years ago with the governor and the attorney general, while they’re heinous and clearly insensitive, they don’t rise to the same level.”

On Friday night, CNN also reported on  Hope’s plans.

“We are learning that a Democratic Delegate from Northern Virginia Arlington County, Patrick Hope, I just got off the phone with him, he told me he’s now drafting articles of impeachment he plans to file Monday morning to force the lieutenant governor from office if he does not resign before then,” Ryan Nobles reported for CNN.

Nobles continued on, recounting his conversation with the lawmaker: “He said it’s his desire that the lieutenant governor should leave office on his own, but he believes the second accuser has made it too difficult for him to stay in office under current conditions… He believes these two women and it is time for the lieutenant governor to resign.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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