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Virgins Love Mitt Romney And Other Highlights From Bill Maher’s GOP Voter PPP Poll

Virgins Love Romney And Other Highlights From Bill Maher's GOP Voter PPP Poll

It has been a bizarre Republican primary campaign, to say the least, and Bill Maher has finally taken understanding Republican voters into his own hands– scientifically, anyway. The Real Time host partnered up with Public Policy Polling to understand just what make Republican primary voters tick, and found a few surprising details: for one, Mitt Romney does best with virgins, and Rep. Ron Paul fans prefer Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to Romney.

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The poll– which was conducted by Public Policy Polling, not Bill Maher, though it appears he had a hand in the questions, to say the least– was conducted nationally among 1,071 Republicans and independents, and asked some fairly unconventional poll questions, most of the social variety. While the poll found that Republicans are less likely to vote for a gay candidate than the average voter (53% less likely compared to 44% for base voter pool), they were actually significantly less likely to vote for an openly atheist candidate than a gay one (69% less likely, rather than 60% for the base, which is remarkable in its own right). Of those supporting a candidate in the Republican primary, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum voters came out less likely to vote for a gay candidate than the others, with Rep. Ron Paul fans somewhat surprisingly in third.

Then there’s this salacious bit: “Romney is the favorite among virgins, getting 34% and the least favorite among the most sexually experienced, getting just 13%. So the more sex partners a Republican has had, the less likely they are to support Mitt Romney.” The breakdown of voters by sexual experience below:

And, of course, because this is Bill Maher, those polled were asked about their political preferences for Maher’s current obsession, Tim Tebow. The shocking part of this part of the poll? Voters supporting Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and other candidates (presumably Buddy Roemer and Fred Karger) would vote for Tim Tebow over Mitt Romney, meaning that there is a viable, slim as it may be, possibility of that vote consolidating into something serious should Tebow be eligible to run– and, as if Tebow being Tebow wasn’t enough to make that an unlikely possibility, his place of birth (the Philippines) puts his viability in danger as well, and at the very least generates a lot of potential “birther” fodder. The results of that poll below:

The full results of the Maher/PPP Poll here.

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