W. Kamau Bell Blasts ‘Useless Asshole’ O’Reilly for Attacking Muslims on 9/11

Comedian W. Kamau Bell premiered the new nightly version of his late night show Totally Biased on FXX this past week, and last night he took on The O’Reilly Factor for sending roving reporter Jesse Watters to a Muslim convention on the 12th anniversary of 9/11.

“Here’s a little bit of this jerk in action,” Bell said, before showing video of Watters making fun on burkas and asking Muslims to name the most recent Christian terrorist attack. Pointing out Watters’ sweaty forehead, Bell said, “He looks like a Fox News reporters sent to a Muslim convention.”

Bell took particular offense to Bill O’Reilly’s statement that there “haven’t been any” Christian terrorist attacks. “Oh, Bill O’Reilly, eat your own dick,” Bell exclaimed. “This country was founded on, and thrives on Christian terrorism,” he added, from the founders burning witches to the KKK burning crosses.

In a feature called “The Wonderful World of Muslims,” Bell highlighted some of the positive things Islam has brought to the world, including algebra, without which, he said, we could never solve equations like this one:

“You can’t say Muslims hate America,” Bell concluded, “because Muslims are America.”

Watch video below, via FX:

[photo via screengrab]

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