W. Kamau Bell: The View’s Audience Craves Accidentally Racist, Dumb Statements Like Osbourne’s

PicMonkey-Collage-Bell-OsbourneDuring a discussion with Don Lemon, W. Kamau Bell was asked about his thoughts on Kelly Osbourne‘s accidentally racist statement on yesterday’s episode of The View. Bell agreed that the comment “came out wrong” before saying that where Osbourne was concerned, there’s a fine line between being racist and having a dumb moment.

“I think she was walking the dumb line, but that doesn’t mean that the comment wasn’t racist because you can be racist and dumb,” Bell said.

Osbourne’s audience largely gasped when she made her statements, for which, she later apologized on Facebook, but Bell said that it’s precisely comments like those that will let her trade up from part-time host to full-time.

For the viewers of The View, that’s kinda what they want on The View,” Bell said. “They want those kind of statements to be made so she probably got herself a full time job on The View.

You can watch the segment here:

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