Wait, What? Former Pakistani President Musharraf Says Rick Perry’s Definitely Running In 2012

Where to begin. It’s not that weird for a former president to offer up some insight on the field of candidates in the next election, but, you know, usually we’re not talking about a former president of Pakistan. But on today’s Situation Room, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer has one of the stranger pundit interviews you’ll see. Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf going all David Gergen and sticking his neck out to predict that Texas governor Rick Perry‘s running. “I did get that impression,” he tells Blitzer.

As Blitzer reports on his blog, the conversation came during a meeting between Perry and Musharraf in Austin last week:

The former Pakistan President said Perry invited him to “exchange views.”

I asked him if he thought Perry would run for president.

‘You need to ask him, but I think, I thought, I did get that impression,’ he said.

I pressed him.

“You came away from that meeting thinking he’s going to run?”

“Yes,” he replied.

Musharraf has always been blunt with me. I’ve interviewed him many times over the years. He acknowledged that he wasn’t sure he should be saying that he emerged from the meeting convinced Perry would run. “I hope I’m not violating the code of confidentiality that he wanted to maintain about that aspect.”

Watch it here, from CNN:

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