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Wall Street Journal‘s John Fund Tells Fox News Palin Will Not Run In 2012

Sarah Palin‘s “One Nation” bus tour has many speculating that she is ready to launch a presidential bid, but she has yet to convince everyone. On Fox News today, Wall Street Journal writer John Fund told anchor Gregg Jarrett that he sees her even less likely to run than Rudy Giuliani and Michele Bachmann, though at least more viable than Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Asked what to make of the current primary landscape, Fund appeared far more excited than nervous for Republicans, who he noted “usually have one frontrunner who has run before and he usually gets the nomination.” Here, he said, he was “thrilled that all of these players at least have a chance.” Here he evaluated who was more or less likely to get in– Giuliani and Bachmann “more likely than not;” Palin and Perry “less likely than not.” Jarrett asked why he found Palin less likely to run. “She is in her late 40s,” Fund noted, “and has lots of time to rebrand herself”– and she needs it, he continued. “Her poll numbers are not very good,” he added, concluding that Palin will “increase her interest factor by running around the country with bus tours, but in the end she wont run.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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