Wallace to Clinton Campaign Chair: Isn’t Hillary a ‘Target-Rich Environment’ for Trump?

wallace podestaThe Hillary Clinton campaign seems pretty confident about their ability to call out Donald Trump, but Chris Wallace pointed out that Clinton is certainly a “target-rich environment” for Trump as well.

Wallace highlighted to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta that Trump’s attacks on Clinton over Libya and Iraq and said there’s plenty for him to work with. Podesta defended Clinton’s “terrific job” as Secretary of State and said that she has a plenty “strong record to stand on.”

But then came the ethics issues, with Clinton attacking Trump on his delayed donations to vets and Trump University. Again, Wallace showed clips of Trump attacking Clinton on the Clinton Foundation and asked, “Given all of her issues, isn’t it gonna be hard for Clinton to play the ethics card against Trump?”

Podesta deflected and said they’re going to make this campaign about how Trump has “always been for himself.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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