Wanda Sykes Minced No Words Talking About Trump: ‘If He’s Gonna Be a D*ck…’

It’s no secret that Wanda Sykes is not a fan of President Donald Trump. Back in November, she flipped off a crowd after they booed when she called him “racist.”

Sykes appeared on Conan last night, and her feelings have not changed in the least. She told host Conan O’Brien that she doesn’t really understand why people are waiting for him to become presidential. “The man is 70 years old! Those are things you teach kids,” she said. “If he’s a d*ck, he’s just gonna be a d*ck!”

She also said that he and his entire family “annoy” her.” Specifically, she said, she doesn’t understand why Tiffany Trump needs a secret service detail. “She should get a mall cop,” Sykes declared.

Watch above, via TBS.

[featured image via screen grab]

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