Wanda Sykes Rips Romney: He’s ‘The Forrest Gump Candidate’

On The Tonight Show Tuesday night, Wanda Sykes got political with Jay Leno and revealed her opinions about President Obama‘s support of same sex marriage and Mitt Romney‘s opposition, which she found hilarious. “You have to be happy with that,” Leno surmised. “Am I happy? I’m over the moon, Jay,” Sykes acknowledged. “And you know, for a black person to say over the moon, that’s big. You know? We don’t use that. You know?”

“So how about Mitt Romney, now he is against it,” Leno noted.

“Mitt Romney, I bet you if you put Mitt Romney in front of a gay organization, he would go, “Boy I like gays. I’m all for gays,” she ribbed.

“They are the right height,” joked Leno. “Gays are the right height.”

“I like the height on the gays. They are a great height,” Sykes added. “Exactly. He says whatever should be said in front of that organization. He’s like the Forrest Gump of candidates. He was in Michigan. ‘I like cars. My wife has a car.’ You know? He was in Wisconsin, ‘Had myself a grilled cheese sandwich today. That was nice.’ I would love to see him in front of NOW (National Organization of Women). Boy, women, boy I like women. You know, my wife has a vagina. I like that. I like that.”

Watch Sykes rip Romney below:

(h/t Newsbusters)

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