War On Easter? Sean Hannity Promotes Lady Gaga’s Manufactured Song Controversy

Lady Gaga‘s new song Judas has predictably upset a number of Christian groups, who seem “unhappy about how much disrespect is being shown towards the Christian faith.” This was the news peg to a panel discussion last night led by Sean Hannity, in a segment entitled “War on Easter,” conveniently airing on Maundy Thursday (the day in which Christians observe the Last Supper of Jesus Christ in which Judas is revealed to be…well, Judas.) Product placement?

The at-times outrageous debate featured the sort of trumped up indignation and shouting that goes into classic cable news pablum, but the panelists debating the topic seemed particularly heated (even though they weren’t exactly debating the same topic. At one point, host Hannity revealed that he “didn’t really care about” Lady Gaga and avowed atheist Ricky Gervais (who was also featured in the alleged war on Christians). This led at least one viewer to wonder why six minutes of precious cable news air time was being dedicated to comments made by individuals that the host didn’t care about?

As panelist Mercedes Colwin correctly pointed out, these sorts of lightening rod comments (and songs) are the sort of controversies that bring attention and move units; whether it’s CD sales, box office tickets, or eyeballs that appeal to advertisers on Hannity. Everyone’s a winner. Happy Easter!

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