Wardrobe Malfunction! Nancy Grace Lets A Nipple Slip During DWTS Performance (NSFW)

Oops! Nancy Grace Lets A Nipple Slip During DWTS Performance (NSFW) 

Since its premiere last week, opponents of this season’s Dancing with the Stars have claimed that the images broadcast therein could corrupt and severely traumatize children. All the griping around Chaz Bono seemed to leave the Dancing with the Stars unprepared for the real threat: Nancy Grace‘s breasts, escaping the shackles of her dress after a fairly energetic performance.

After trotting around the dance floor for her weekly performance, a fairly flustered Grace appeared on screen for about half a second falling out of her dress– by the time the camera comes back, she is hiding her face in horror while the host turns and comforts her: “on the European version, that would be perfectly fine.” No word on whether the FCC will go all Janet Jackson on ABC for submitting their audience to less than a full second of a legal commentator’s exposed bosom; however, the news was important enough to interrupt Michael Moore‘s thoughts on the Tea Party over on Piers Morgan Tonight.

Grace’s performance (and subsequent malfunction) via ABC below:

[Screencap via Matt Cherette]

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