Was Casey Affleck Totally Stoned During This Terribly Uncomfortable Interview with Colbert?


In his best David Letterman impression, Stephen Colbert sarcastically greeted actor Casey Affleck on The Late Show Tuesday night, addressing the quickly-observable elephant in the room. “Thanks for dressing up,” said Colbert, jokingly referring to the actor’s slightly dampened look.

From the opening moments of the interview, it was clear it was veering off the rails pretty quickly, and the actor — who was promoting his new film Triple 9 — looked completely stoned from the moment he came out from behind the curtain, in this writer’s estimation. Look, I’m not saying Affleck smoked a ton of weed before doing his late night appearance; I don’t know Affleck and I have no idea his view on marijuana. All I know is that his eyes were glazed over as all hell, his response rate was slow, he giggled at times, and he was clearly irritable and sensitive (paranoid?) about the comedian’s line of questioning.

“It’s just playful ribbing Casey Affleck!” Colbert urged, but the actor was having none of it.

Affleck pressed Colbert at one point directly: “Do you wanna fight me?”. The Late Show host attempted his best maneuver at avoiding full-on conflict in the interview while still having fun, while the questionably-blazed Affleck sat generally unamused.

“You really look like a street corner Jesus,” said Colbert to a riotous laugh from the crowd.

So, was Affleck totally blitzed out of his mind while sitting on the couch with Colbert? Maybe, maybe not. But in either case, the interview was bizarre, uncomfortable, and probably made the entire Ed Sullivan Theater crowd squirm. Watch the above clip and see for yourself from CBS.

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J.D. Durkin is the Senior Editor of Mediaite.

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