Was Trump’s Tirade Against Maggie Haberman Inspired By Dershowitz’s Comments on Fox & Friends?

On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to bash the New York Times‘ “Maggie Habberman [sic], known as a Crooked H flunkie” who uses “a drunk/drugged up loser” for sources.

It appears Trump’s Twitter tirade may have been sparked by a morning conversation on his favorite show, Fox & Friends.

At around the same time as Trump’s angry Twitter thread appeared, Alan Dershowitz was on the Fox couch talking about how he does not think Trump has “real worries” about the Mueller investigation or collusion.

Then, turning to the concerns first reported by Maggie Haberman in the New York Times that the president’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen may flip, Dershowitz stressed Trump doesn’t need to worry about a “singer” who will rat him out if he is innocent.

Instead, he suggested the real problem is a “composer” who will make stuff up.

“If you are innocent, don’t worry about a singer,” Dershowitz opined. He continued on, “But even if you are innocent you have to worry about a composer. Someone who creatively collaborates on a story.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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