Wasserman Schultz: Americans Are Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago

Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) appeared on Fox News Channel with Megyn Kelly where she was asked why President Barack Obama’s surrogates have been out in force walking back a comment from Maryland’s Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley who said that Americans are not better off than they were four years ago. Kelly tried to ask Rep. Wasserman Schultz what happened to O’Malley in the hours that elapsed from when he made those comments to this morning when he walked them back. Kelly did not receive an illuminating answer from Rep. Wasserman Schultz.

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Kelly asked Wasserman Schultz for her opinion on why Gov. O’Malley told CBS News on Sunday that Americans were better off than they were four years ago only to walk that statement back on Monday. “Are we better off than we were four years ago,” Kelly asked.

“When President Barack Obama took office we were about to go over a cliff,” Wasserman Schultz replied. “We were hemorrhaging 750,000 jobs a month. We had lost, in the last six months of the Bush presidency, 3.5 million jobs and now we’ve created 4.5 million jobs since Barack Obama took office in the private sector.”

She said that Obama has presided over more than 2 years of job growth in the private sector and foreign firms are repatriating once-lost American jobs thanks to the president’s tax policies. “Yes,” said Wasserman Schultz. “We are better off.”

“What happened to Governor O’Malley in that 24 hours,” Kelly asked.

“Governor O’Malley, like me, believes that we need to continue to focus on the middle class,” said Wasserman Schultz.

“I had to at least take a shot,” Kelly replied.

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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