comScore WATCH: 50 Seconds of Trump and Romney Destroying Each Other

Watch 50 Seconds of Donald Trump and Mitt Romney Absolutely Destroying Each Other

On MSNBC on Wednesday, host Hallie Jackson had a panel of guests on to discuss the war of words between former presidential candidate, Senator-elect Mitt Romney (R-UT) and President Donald Trump. During the segment, she aired a montage of insults hurled by the two men in the past.

It’s basically 50 uninterrupted seconds of the two absolutely destroying each other. The clips are both from speeches delivered during the campaign, undercutting Romney’s niece Ronna McDanielsattempt at treating his recent criticism as a fresh, new act.

In the montage, Romney calls Trump “a con man, a fake,” who is playing America for “suckers.” Trump says Romney is a “failed” candidate” who “walks like a penguin.”

No more spoilers, though. Enjoy it yourself, above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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