Watch a Stunned Brooke Baldwin Fly Over Hurricane Ravaged Panhandle: ‘It’s Gone. It’s Obliterated’


While President Donald Trump finds time to spend close to an hour calling into his favorite television program Fox & Friends there are journalists covering the results of yesterday’s catastrophic Hurricane Michael, which hit the Florida panhandle with record, category four wind speeds.

Take for example CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, who normally enjoys the more comfortable studio environment as host. She appeared to pull the “cover the hurricane in the field” stick, and today reported from a helicopter flying high over the ravaged area of Mexico City, Florida.

Like so many disasters one often can only truly understand the impact of such a catastrophe by hearing the tone and reaction from those reporting it. And as one can see in the video embedded above, Baldwin makes clear in her shocked reaction that the devastation that lay before her was like nothing she’d ever seen.

“It’s gone. It’s obliterated. I’ve’ never seen anything like it.”

The good news is that the sun has risen on the Florida gulf coast. The bad news is that the light of day is revealing damage far beyond what people expected from the relatively sudden and dangerous hurricane.

One can expect to see much more video in the coming hours and days.


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