comScore Watch a Trump Rally-Goer Berate Jim Acosta: ‘You Work for CNN! You’re a Scumbag!’

Watch a Trump Rally-Goer Berate Jim Acosta: ‘You Work for CNN! You’re a Scumbag!’

Things got heated between reporters and rally-goers at President Donald Trump‘s rally in Nashville on Tuesday night.

New York Times reporter Julie Hirschfeld Davis recalled the “depressing” site of a young child shouting “fake news” at them and deeming the press the enemy.

Responding to the tense exchanges and verbal battering aimed at the press on Wednesday,  CNN’s Jim Acosta described the “surreal” experience of being a member of the media berated by Trump fans while Elton John‘s Tiny Dancer played in the background.

Yet, he also claimed things were not all bad.

Acosta started by showing a video of an angry man shouting “Look at the scumbag! You work for CNN, dude. You work for CNN. You’re a scumbag!”

He then noted that the man’s anger was common during the rally and many came up spewing stuff they heard “on Fox News and other conspiracy-oriented networks.”

Yet, according to Acosta, while Trump was still whipping plenty of his rally-goers in a frenzy and busy turning “the crowd against us,” not all of Trump’s fans were buying it completely, including one man who came up to him in a “fake news” T-shirt.

That man, he said, had a nice 10- minute conversation with him. He also noted on Twitter “plenty of folks” were nice Tuesday night.

“My sense of it is while perhaps the president seems to have this ability to divide and conquer and pit one crowd against another that maybe over time his supporters might say this isn’t working anymore,” Acosta concluded. “They want to binge watch something else.”

Host Brooke Baldwin then replied she loved that idea, noting when you meet face-to-face, “you find out you actually aren’t that much different.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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