WATCH: ABC’s David Muir Obtains Footage of Taliban Raid, Interviews Top U.S. General in Afghanistan


ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir just returned from Afghanistan, where he interviewed the top U.S. commander in the country, four-star Gen. Scott Miller, about the fight against ISIS, talks with the Taliban, and President Donald Trump‘s calls to withdrawn troops from the country.

ABC News also obtained footage of a raid carried out by Afghan special forces, backed by the American military, of a Taliban prison.

In Muir’s interview with Miller on America’s longest war, the top general said talks with the Taliban are crucial to achieving a “political settlement” in the country.

“The political talks, I do think are, are positive,” Miller told Muir. “I’ve talked about this fight multiple times — and it is a fight. Neither side will win it militarily, and if neither side will win it militarily you have to move towards a political settlement here.”

“But do you think those political talks with the Taliban are key part of any endgame here?” Muir asked.

“Absolutely,” he replied.

“There have been reports the president would like to see a drawdown of U.S. troops here in Afghanistan. Has there been any order to do that?” Muir asked.

“No,” Miller said. “First off, I have the authorities of the capabilities that I need from the U.S. and the coalition standpoint to work with our Afghan partners. At the same time, as a commander, I’m always trying to bring the footprint down, bring our force structure down.”

While the U.S. engages the Taliban in talks, American special forces helping to fight against another insurgent: ISIS.

“Afghan special forces,” Muir reported, “are fighting ISIS, not in Syria, but in Afghanistan, supported with U.S. airstrikes. And unlike the Taliban, ISIS has no desire to negotiate.”

“This four-star general, has no desire to let them go unchecked,” Muir added of Miller.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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