WATCH: Ali Velshi Hosts Explainer on Health Care Reform: ‘ObamaCare is Not in a Death Spiral’

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The current health care debate is a very complicated one. While the U.S. Senate struggles with fulfilling a GOP campaign promise of repealing and replacing ObamaCare, there has been lots of information — and misinformation— regarding the merits and faults of ObamaCare.

Enter MSNBC host Ali Velshi who, amidst the confusion surrounding health care, created a two-minute segment that aims to inform and demystify many of the talking points we’ve heard ad nauseam on various cable news outlets. Since this aired on MSNBC, critics of GOP will be pleased to hear Velshi proclaim that ObamaCare is “not in a death spiral.”

But credit where due — Velshi’s piece feels a far more balanced and realistic assessment than one might expect in today’s divided media landscape, as he duly notes some of the significant problems that has come with ObamaCare.

Watch the segment above courtesy of MSNBC, or wait for it to be shared on your Facebook feed by politically savvy aunts, uncles, grandparents and distant cousins eager to engage in a Facebook debate regarding health care reform!



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