WATCH: Amy Schumer Delivers Spot-on Sorkin Parody ‘The Foodroom’

Comedian Amy Schumer may have lost out on the covered Late Show gig, but she’s still hitting it out of the park on her weekly Comedy Central show. In this sketch from tonight’s new episode, Schumer gives the world an all-time great parody of Aaron Sorkin’s brand of overwrought, sanctimonious TV drama, complete with an actual Sorkin-ite in Sports Night’s Josh Charles.

In “The Foodroom,” Charles plays J.J. MacAhoy, manager of a fast food establishment called McDalmond’s and Schumer plays his assistant/former lover. From the walk-and-talk that opens the scene to the inspiring monologue about french fries vs. apple slices, the sketch nails nearly every aspect of the Sorkin universe. It even has this summation of Sorkin’s often-unfortunate attitude towards female characters: “A woman’s life is worth nothing unless she’s making a great man greater.”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

[photo via screengrab]

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