Watch an Ice-Fishing Minnesotan Call Out Biden on CNN: Bombs He’s Dropping on Syria are ‘Kind of Expensive for a Dude Who Owes Me $2,000′


CNN’s Bill Weir recently went to Minnesota to talk with some ice-fishing residents about politics.

“In the conversations on Lake Minnetonka these days,” Weir told viewers in his report, “hope is mixed with worry.”

He heard from some supporters of the president — “love for Biden is not hard to find in this blue suburb” — but one Democrat expressed some disappointment with Joe Biden for how he has governed in the past few weeks.

Ben Calvert told Weir, “They’re putting that stimulus check on the back-burner. They’re putting the minimum wage on the back-burner. And they’re dropping bombs on Syria right now.”

“And those bombs are kind of expensive for a dude who owes me $2000,” he added.

On Saturday the covid relief bill finally passed the Senate, but there has been a fair amount of liberal frustration at the Biden administration and some Democrats over the fight for a $15 minimum wage and the further limiting of stimulus payments.

One of the Minnesotans Weir spoke to, Tim Delaney, broke down a scenario in which Donald Trump ends up as Speaker of the House, then president again, after Biden and Kamala Harris got impeached and convicted.

Overall Weir wrote he was encouraged by what he saw from the “barbecue brotherhood” at the lake.

“I walked out onto Lake Minnetonka braced for icy suspicion and dread, but I walked off with a stomach full of barbecue and hope,” he said. “I’ll take it.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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