WATCH: Anti-Abortion Advocate Unwittingly Makes the Case for Abortion Rights on Fox News


During a debate on Fox News’s The Story with Martha MacCallum about Alabama’s just-passed abortion bill — the most restrictive in the nation that includes no exceptions for rape or incest — anti-abortion advocate Kristan Hawkins unwittingly ended up making the abortion rights case while defending the law.

“What about the children who are born, who were conceived in rape and their mother courageously choose to parent them?” Hawkins said.

“That is great! They chose. The key word right there, they chose. You said that,” replied Rochelle Ritchie, a Democratic strategist and rape survivor, who had just made the point that the Alabama law gives women no choice, under any circumstances, about carrying to term a fetus after six weeks into a pregnancy.

“It seems like just yesterday at 19 years old I was walking into my dorm room, taking off my ripped jeans and my sweatshirt and scrubbing down myself inside a communal shower in a attempt to wash away the violation that happened to me and the mental trauma that I, and other victims, have suffered. The only piece that we actually have is the fact that we did not get pregnant. For someone to come and say: ‘If this man, this monster rapes you, you have to have his child’ is barbaric in itself,” Ritchie said.

“What happened to you as horrific and no one would ever wish that on their worst enemy,” said Hawkins, a self-described “abortion abolitionist,” who is president of Students for Life of America. “But the reality is your humanity is determined by the circumstances of your conception and quite honestly it is disingenuous for the abortion industry to pass 40 years to use the horrific nests of rape to justify the laws we have in our country today. We know that only one percent of abortions are committed in cases of rape.”

Ritchie countered that the consequences of this law, if it were to pass Constitutional muster, would force pre-teen girls to give birth to children that were the result of multiple crimes. “I think that rape and incest should be included [in the bill],” Ritchie said. “I don’t necessarily believe in aborting a child, but think about this, a 12-year-old girl can get pregnant. What if her uncle rapes her? You’re going to make this 12-year-old girl have her uncle’s child? That sounds insane to me.”

Watch video above, via Fox News.

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