WATCH: April Ryan Blasts Ex-Trump Spox Jason Miller in Off the Rails CNN Debate Over Sarah Sanders


A CNN panel with White House correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan and chief spokesman for Trump’s transition team Jason Miller went off the rails Thursday evening when Miller suggested that Sarah Sanders did a “fantastic” job during the daily briefing where she repeated deflected when asked questions.

“Look, I thought Sarah did fantastic today,” Miller opined. “The fact that we’re talking about Sarah not making a bunch of news, and that’s actually driving the news, I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing. I mean, the fact of the matter is, this White House should have had and this presidency should have had an outside counsel that was handling these types of issues a year ago. This is not the job of the White House, this is not the job of the White House press secretary. Sarah does a fantastic job every single day…”

April then told him, “that’s not true.”

“April, why are you making it personal?” Miller asked.

“Spin it the way you want to spin,” April shot back. “She attacked me. She attacked me for asking a question, don’t go there, honey. Don’t go there.”

Then, after the two tried to talk over one another, Miller told the seasoned reporter, “April, I’m sorry that you’re upset.”

The talk then moved to the Clinton years and communication before erupting again.

“The first word of outside counsel is ‘outside.’ So now they have a structure with Mayor Giuliani,” Miller replied defending the Trump administration.

“Thank you for that elementary education,” Ryan replied.

Miller then said this: “I’m explaining because clearly you don’t get it. That’s why you’re the fifth or sixth reporter…”

He then told Ryan how to do her job.

“April, you came and followed up with basically the exact same question, trying to pin her down, say were you blind-sided? She is not part of the legal team. She is part of…” Miller said before Ryan had had enough.

“I’m doing my job,” she said. “Do you have a problem with me doing my job?”

Ryan then weighed in with her take of Sanders, which she clearly did not see as fantastic.

“The reality is she’s been willing to weigh in on this before, she calls plenty of women liars, she weighs in on it again and again, she says she doesn’t know about the payment,” Ryan told Miller. “She should have said nothing before but that is not what happened.”

Watch the heated exchange above, via CNN.

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