WATCH: Bernie Sanders Cornered Into Admitting He Won’t Abolish ICE

As Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) campaigned in Minnesota this weekend, he told a crowd of people that as president, he would not abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

As Sanders spoke to Minnesota Public Radio News host Tom Crann, he was asked for what he thought about a lady in the crowd who wanted ICE to be eliminated.

Sanders answered “It is abolishing the current, disastrous immigration system, and ICE is one small part of that system. We have to develop a system.”

“I will say this,” Sanders continued, “We will abolish the ICE raids which are terrorizing communities all over this country.”

When asked to clarify if he sees “a valid purpose” for ICE as a government agency, Sanders responded that he doesn’t believe in open borders and “you need to have protection of our borders, and you need people to do that.”

In the past, it’s been unclear where exactly Sanders stood on the issue of ICE’s abolishment. Huffington Post previously reported on how Sanders was against ICE’s formation over a decade ago, but while he continues to criticize the agency’s actions, he has been less clear about whether it needs to be disbanded or undergo a policy change.

Watch above.

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