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WATCH: Bill Maher Says Trump’s Patriot Party Sounds a Lot Like Hitler’s Brown Shirts

Comic and political commentator Bill Maher told his panel of guests that the Donald Trump-inspired “Patriot Party” sound, to him, a lot like Adolf Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

On Friday night’s episode of HBO Television’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the eponymous host of the eponymous show conducted his usual panel, this time with guests Peter Hamby, who hosts a politics show on Snapchat because that’s apparently a thing — but not enough of a thing to be credited onscreen ahead of Hamby’s gig with Vanity Fair, and Kmele Foster, libertarian host of The Fifth Column podcast.

Maher broached the topic of the bandied-about Trump “Patriot Party,” telling his panelists “They say he’s starting this Patriot Party, that’s the name of it.”

“First of all, that sounds like Nazis to me. And not like the killing all the Jews Nazis, but like fascism come to America, Patriot Party, whenever you’re that blatant about ‘We’re the Patriots, we’re the good people.'”

“Would you prefer Trump Organization as the name of this?” Foster said.

“I actually would. Patriot Party is very Brown Shirt-y,” Maher said. “I do worry that all those people who just believe might is right, who at least two generations passed where they taught anything in school so it’s not like people know that they are violating the Constitution because they have no clue what’s in it to begin with. So they don’t know they’re fascists. But they are. And I feel like fall of them will be in the Patriot party, and it’s going to be a dangerous, talk about fifth columnists. ”

After some discussion with the panel, Maher concluded by saying “If you can’t call what people who wanted to undo the election that even the Republican judges and politicians said was fairly called, I don’t know what fascism is. Then what definition do we have? That is fascism, when it’s just like, I mean, because a lot of these people, even the Republicans in Congress, they are not sorry about what happened on January 6th, they’re just sorry it didn’t work.”

Watch the clip above via HBO Television and Real Time with Bill Maher.

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