WATCH: Cameraman Hit by Absolute Worst Opening Pitch in Baseball History

A Chicago White Sox employee was offered the opening ceremonial pitch for yesterday’s game against the Kansas City Royals last night and may have thrown the worst first pitch in baseball history.

While rapper 50 Cent has held the crown for the most embarrassing, inaccurate ceremonial pitch after he almost hit a New York Mets photographer in 2014, the employee — who was given the spot for being the team’s employee of the month — may taken Fif’s top spot yesterday after she actually hit a team photographer with her throw.

The ball bounced right off the camera lens, causing the photographer to jump back and run away, while the catcher and the ceremonial pitcher threw their hands up in disbelief at the wildly inaccurate toss. (The pitcher has since told NBC Chicago that he was not injured in the accident).

The cast of Fox & Friends joked about the failed pitch this morning, with host Brian Kilmeade joking that he “loves it.”

“She is celebrating it. Loves it. Embrace your ineptness,” he joked. “She runs off she’s hugging people.”

One Twitter user, who is the daughter of the pitcher, shared a video from the field of what the opening pitch-shot to the face looked like.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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