WATCH: Cameraman Runs Up to Armed Suspect’s Car to Shoot Footage of Him Inside

During a police pursuit in Los Angeles that was captured on live TV earlier today, a cameraman took it upon himself to get some ultra-exclusive video footage when he ran up on the suspect’s car while it was temporarily stopped.

With KLTA-5 providing live coverage, the car was seen slowly being pursued by a convoy of police cruisers, with the suspect — who was described as armed — slowing down and occasionally stopping in an apparent attempt to verify if the police were remaining close for a potential confrontation.

At one point, the suspect’s vehicle came to a red light at an intersection and was stuck behind some cars. During this period of time, the cameraman ran up to the side of the minivan and stuck his camera right to the driver’s side window.

“I gotta say, why you’d do anything like that is hard to understand,” the local anchor stated.

Watch the clip above, via KTLA.

[h/t: FTVLive]

[image via screengrab]

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