Watch Video Mashup Of Candy Crowley Refereeing Obama And Romney

Most of the reviews of Tuesday night’s debate moderater Candy Crowley have focused on her controversial “correction” of Mitt Romney regarding whether or not President Barack Obama specifically called the Benghazi attacks an “act of terror.”

But many reviews have also centered around Crowley’s tough interactions with both candidates, clearly distinguishing herself from a less aggressive Jim Lehrer, who was criticized for his more submissive approach to dealing with the two politicians.

When either of the candidates whined about time constraints or tried to break her rules or interrupt the other candidate, Crowley was generally quick to rein them in and try to move on. A few times, she allowed the candidates to run over each other but, for better or worse, she acted tougher than her predecessors.

ABC News put together a compilation of all instances of Crowley having to interrupt or argue with the two candidates.

Watch below, via ABC:

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