Watch Christiane Amanpour Awkwardly Talk About Sex in New CNN Show: ‘Ladies, Let’s Talk About Sex!’

Christiane Amanpour, perhaps one of the most serious, accomplished investigative journalists of our time, was on CNN Saturday night chatting about dildos.

This in service of her new series, Sex and Love Around the World, which explores how people get their freak on across the globe.

Asked about her inspiration for the series by NPR, Amanpour said: “I was actually brushing my teeth, listening to the radio. I heard a fantastic report about all these sad refugees expelled from Syria going to Jordan. I suddenly wondered: ‘Well, now, OK, now they’re safe. How do they actually have sex?'”

In the debut episode, Amanpour traveled to Tokyo to learn about Japan’s sexual culture of “Boys’ Love” manga, prostitution, and “sexless” marriages. Leave it to a veteran to be undeterred and undaunted by a guy kneeling on the street making very lurid noises as he reads hentai.

But perhaps what’s most awkward is Amanpour herself — who cut her teeth dodging bullets in Kuwait and the Bosnian War — talking about sex. A voice most are familiar with hearing in an international crisis bellow about “seismic political shifts” now smoothly moves through sentences that include phrases about “scratching an itch” and “leaving satisfied.”

“Let’s talk about sex!” Amanpour opens one conversation with a group of Japanese women, in her trademark anchor’s gravitas.

Watch some of the most deliciously awkward bits above.

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