WATCH: CNN Airs Brutal Montage Showing Trump, DNI Chief Coats Contradicting Each Other on ISIS, North Korea

In light of the divide between President Donald Trump and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coats, CNN set up a montage on Wednesday to illustrate how the two of them are operating on completely different wavelengths.

When Coats and several intelligence chiefs testified before Senate Intel Committee on Tuesday, they offered foreign policy assessments that seem to break from several of Trump’s statements. The president is keeping this going in his latest tweets, contradicting Coats on multiple points regarding the defeat of ISIS and North Korea’s steps towards denuclearization.

As such, CNN’s montage highlight several portions of Coats’ testimony that cleanly break from the president’s public statements.

National security analyst David Sanger followed the montage by remarking on how Trump isn’t just ignoring intelligence findings, but more or less deciding that they aren’t true. Alisyn Camerota characterized it as “foreign policy by feeling rather than by facts,” noting how Trump often talks about his friendliness with people like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin.

“You just couldn’t have been more stark with the people who have seen the facts and have seen the actual Intel saying, ‘no, this cannot be based on feelings,'” Camerota said. “What exactly what the president is saying, it’s the opposite of what’s happening on the ground.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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