WATCH: CNN Panel Gets Heated After Trump Advisor Stephen Moore Compares Melania to Jackie Kennedy


During a heated discussion about Melania Trump‘s sagging poll numbers on CNN Thursday night, informal Trump advisor Stephen Moore not only suggested that Mrs. Trump was going a great job,  he also compared her to Jackie Kennedy and insisted Americans love her because she “stands by her man.”

It all started after host Erin Burnett reported that the first lady’s poll numbers took a double-digit plunge recently.

Moore, however, insisted that Mrs. Trump is actually very put upon by the media and in reality, most Americans “love a woman who stands by her man.”

“That’s what a wife should do and stand by her husband. She does this,” Moore opined. “Look, I think, you talk about civility. She’s been — she’s been treated so miserably by the media in terms of the harsh treatment of her.”

He then said this: “I’ve met Melania Trump. I love the lady. I think she’s elegant. She’s classy. She’s like a new Jackie Kennedy in the White House.”

Fellow panelist Maria Cardona then suggested that Americans do not want a woman who stands by her man “if that man is Donald Trump.”

Then, after debating Mrs. Trump’s bullying campaign and if it was effective, talk circled back to Moore’s “stand by your man” claim.

“There’s so many complex layers to all of it, Steve,” Burnett said. “When you say stand by your man, I’m assuming you’d say the same thing if the roles were reversed, you’d want a man to stand by his woman. I’m going to assume that.”

“I want my wife to stand by me,” Moore replied.

“I hope you stand by her just the same. That’s all I mean saying. It shouldn’t be a gender thing,” Burnett said, before ending the interview.

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