Watch CNN Predict Friday’s Roger Stone Arrest Hours Before it Happened: Mueller Left a ‘Big Clue’

CNN had predicted Roger Stone‘s Friday morning indictment before it even happened, saying, Special Counsel, Robert Mueller‘s team left a “big clue.”

“This could give us a big clue that perhaps something is coming,” CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz told host Don Lemon Thursday evening after the stepson of Stone’s associate Jerome Corsi had testified in front of Mueller’s grand jury.

Prokupecz said that he and his colleagues were all “on edge” waiting to hear news of an indictment Friday, pointing out that it was not normal for the Mueller grand jury to meet on a Thursday as it did that day.

“The last day they had met on a Thursday, the following day, the Friday, is when a bunch of Russians had been indicted for the hacking and the dissemination of the fake news on social media,” he said. “So there is some concern, I should say, certainly we’re all on edge thinking that tomorrow there may be some indictments.”

Prokupecz added that the entire investigation into Stone may have been tied to Wikileaks, which he says may have released information to Stone before releasing it to the public. Stone’s attorney is denying those claims.

Lemon said such turnout should have been predicted “20 months ago,” when Mueller was appointed to his job.

“He seemed like a clear target,” Lemon said of Stone, adding “he’s living in limbo now.”

The two speculated the potential outcome of Mueller’s investigation into Stone’s Wikileaks connection, both agreeing that Stone will likely be indicted the next day. Sure enough, Stone was taken into custody by the FBI early Friday morning.

Watch above via CNN.

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