WATCH: CNN’s Insane Interview With Reporter and Gubernatorial Candidate Admitting He Banned Her Due to Gender


CNN’s New Day had a stunning segment on Thursday when they featured a Republican candidate running to become governor of Mississippi, and the reporter barred from accessing his campaign because she’s a woman.

Mississippi Today reporter Larrison Campbell made headlines lately when she spoke out about how Robert Foster‘s campaign wouldn’t let her cover him on a day-trip because it would open him to suspicions of having an affair. Foster’s campaign director told Campbell she could come if she was accompanied by a man, which Campbell has blasted as a “sexist” request.

After Campbell described what her segment would’ve entailed on CNN, John Berman asked Foster over the phone, “If a man reporter had asked for a ride-along, would you have granted him a solo interview?”

“I would have,” Foster answered. “I didn’t want to end up in a situation where me and Ms. Campbell were alone for an extended period of time within that 15 to 16-hour day. So out of precaution, I wanted to have her bring someone with her, a male colleague…This is my truck, and in my truck, we go by my rules. And that’s my rule.”

Berman moved on by asking Foster to clarify, “Is it you didn’t trust Larrison or you didn’t trust yourself?”

Foster’s answer:

“I trust myself completely, but I don’t trust the perception that the world puts on people when they see things and they don’t ask the questions and don’t look to find out the truth. Perception is reality in this world and I don’t want to give anybody the opinion I’m doing something I should not be doing.”

Campbell shot back by asking, “Why is it my responsibility to make you feel comfortable?… Why is the onus on me to bring someone along?”

“No other candidate has ever had a rule like this. Let’s go back to the appearance and impropriety thing. Why does it appear improper for a man to be with a woman – I mean, why wouldn’t a gay affair be construed if you were with a man – unless, at the emd of day, what you’re saying here is a woman is a sexual object first and a reporter second. People when they see a woman with a man are going to automatically assume that she’s there with an improper relationship because, again, they see a woman as a sexual object first and as someone who’s doing my job second.”

Foster responded that he made a marriage vow to never be alone with any other woman except his wife, so Campbell asked how he can govern effectively if he really can’t be alone with a woman, including those he might have to work with. Foster said the truck ride was different than a situation where the door would remain open during a meeting inside a room, so Berman asked again, “What do you think would happen if you’re alone in a room with Larrison? What happens in your truck that’s different from a room with an open door?”

The whole thing is really quite remarkable, so you can watch above, via CNN.

UPDATE – 10:19 a.m. ET: Judging by this tweet, Foster seems to think the interview went rather well.

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