Watch Comedy Central’s Moshe Kasher Hilariously Troll Noted Troll Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich, alt-right wunderkind, ingénue and juicing aficionado, recently appeared on Comedy Central’s Problematic with Moshe Kasher to brag about trolling the show’s host, define what the terms “cuck” and “beta” mean, and explain why he generally doesn’t grant interview requests.

Cernovich said:

“I usually say no–I’ve turned down The Daily Show–I’ve turned down everybody…I always say ‘no’ to T.V. because all you people want to do is edit things out of context.”

Kasher then assured Cernovich that Problematic definitely wasn’t that kind of television program.

What happened next was just short of beautiful. With Comedy Central’s unmatchable approach to subtle humor that still manages to catch the English-speaking world off-guard day in and day out, the show’s producer’s proceeded to edit Mike Cernovich out of context.

When the noted pizza fan was asked about the most “cuck thing” he had ever done, Cernovich said:

“I had sex with Bill Clinton with a strap-on.”

Taking it all in stride, America’s leading mindset expert (not to be confused with lesser mindset experts) wrote a Medium post where he said some stuff about giving Problematic a life-saving ratings boost–and also politely requested that the full, unedited interview be released for his fans.

Video courtesy of Comedy Central.

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