WATCH: Congress Holds Vote on GOP Tax Bill LIVESTREAM

The House of Representatives will hold a vote today to decide on the final version of GOP’s tax bill.

The Congressional GOP is thought to have enough votes to guarantee success for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and they are trying to make sure it is signed into law before the end of the year. Once the bill passes in the House, it will move on to the Senate this evening, and it could reach President Trump’s desk by the end of Wednesday..

For the last few weeks, Trump has strongly advocated for tax reform, and this bill could mark his first legislative accomplishment since he was sworn into office. However, polling data indicates that the bill is not particularly popular among the American people, and Democrats are arguing that the legislation will add to the national debt and help the rich more than the poor.

The bill’s proponents argue that its benefits include individual tax cuts, corporate tax rate reductions, and new deductions/credit incentives. The plan also includes a repeal of the individual mandate for the Affordable Care Act.

Watch above, via Washington Post.

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