Uh Oh, Cupid

WATCH: Dating Show Contestant Casually Admits to Murdering Two Women

Sefer Calinak was just a lonely, 62-year-old man when he appeared on a Turkish dating show called “Luck of the Draw,” in the hopes of meeting the love of his life. A good relationship is built on honesty, he believed, and so he nonchalantly revealed to the host that he’d murdered not one, but two of his former romantic partners.

“I’m an honest person looking for a new wife,” he told the host, adding that he’d spent time in prison for both of the murders. According to him, he killed his first wife because she “irritated” him and he’d grown jealous, and then killed a second lover, who tried to kill him after she refused to divorce her husband: “She was accidentally killed when I swung the ax.”

For some reason, the host seemed shocked and kicked him off the show, to a round of applause.

Calinak, for his part, is still carrying his ax and looking to find love. “I spent 14 years in jail. I have changed,” he told the Turkish newspaper Haberturk, adding this disclaimer: “The woman who will marry me should not be afraid that I would kill her.”

Watch below, via Flash TV:

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