WATCH: Ellen Degeneres and Wolf Blitzer Make #MobileModerator App in Time for the Holidays

Families fighting over politics has been a hugely hot topic for the past few winters, which we already explained to you last week. Last year, Saturday Night Live tried to suggest that Adele could be the person to bring your family together around the turkey, but this year, Ellen Degeneres suggested someone else: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Degeneres ran a spoof ad on her show for a #MobileModerator app that would put a trained professional like Anderson CooperMegyn Kelly, or Blitzer at any dinner table in America to moderate the inevitable political debate.

In the clip, Blitzer told Aunt Pearl when she had gone over the allotted time to discuss her foot odorIn the clip, Blitzer told Aunt Pearl when she had gone over her allotted time to discuss her foot odor and broke up a fight between two family members who couldn’t agree on whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would be the better President. He even told a young boy to stop saying, “Wrong!” every time his sister expressed an opinion about the food.

Watch the whole thing above.

[image: screengrab]

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