WATCH: Fox & Friends Diner Subject Blasts Trump Economy for Only Raising ‘Boats of the Wealthy’


Kudos to Fox & Friends producers and occasional guest host Dean Cain for interviewing with a diner subject with a dissenting opinion than what one typically expects on the top-rated and pro-Trump morning show.

As is typically the case on the mornings that follow a political rally led by President Donald Trump, a Fox & Friends field crew took to a local diner to get a local reaction from those in the area. And while the opinion program is often criticized for only featuring and/or amplifying the thoughts of those who are all in on the current president, Friday morning’s version featured a former Republican named Lamar, who not only now identifies as a moderate, but also shared some pretty harsh words on the booming economy under Trump.

Cain cued Lamar by noting “we were talking about the economy a moment ago and you were saying that you didn’t feel like it worked for everyone.”

Lamar said “It doesn’t work for everyone. It’s — the new Jobs coming and going service Jobs 18 to 20. $20,000 a year. That’s hard to raise a family on that.”

He then added “The economy has raised the boats of the wealthy. The economy has raised the boats of many corporations. Take the tax funds and bought their stock back. Makes it valuable for those who are still stockholders. I have to say I am one.”

Cain very amiably replied “fair enough sir,” before turning to his next subject.

Watch above via Fox News.

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