Watch Fox & Friends Stand For Anthem With Hands on Their Hearts to Celebrate National Anthem Day


Hey, did you know that today is National Anthem Day? While you may have been unaware this was an actual national day, the President of the United States was all over it this morning. As were the hosts of his favorite cable news program.

During today’s broadcast of Fox & Friends, the F&F folks brought on the West Point Band Vocal Trio to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Prior to having them perform the anthem, co-host Pete Hegseth provided a little bit of history on the day, noting that President Herbert Hoover declared the song the nation’s anthem on March 3, 1931.

Following a bit of conversation between the hosts and the singers, the vocal group got to singing. And all three hosts stood there with their hands over their hearts during the performance.

Over the past few months, the anthem has become a hot-button political issue as Trump has taken aim at professional football players who have kneeled during the Star Spangled Banner as a form of protest. The president has suggested owners should fire players who don’t stand for the anthem and has used respect for the song and flag as an applause line at rallies and speeches.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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