WATCH: Fox News’ Dana Perino Presses Biden Spox to Name One Lie From Trump On Coronavirus, Gets More Than She Asked For


Fox News anchor Dana Perino persistently asked Biden campaign senior adviser Symone Sanders to name “one example of a lie” from President Donald Trump or the White House on the coronavirus, so Sanders repeatedly obliged.

Perino began by playing a clip of former Vice President Joe Biden taking a shot at Trump during his Wednesday commencement speech, during which he said “You can build a truly representative democracy with more facts than lies.”

“So, I’m assuming that former Vice President Biden is saying that President Trump is the one that he’s talking about there, and lies about the coronavirus,” Perino said, and asked “What specifically would he be talking about?”

Sanders told Perino that “the reality is that there has been a lot of misinformation touted about the coronavirus, and some of that, in fact, has come from the White House,” and called the current crisis “the cost of complacency from this administration.”

“In January and February, the Trump administration failed to act quickly with urgency. And this is where we are. So, Vice President Biden is going to continue to call it out, while talking about his bold vision for the future,” Ms. Sanders said.

Perino noted that “the Trump campaign would quibble, and the White House in terms of, like, a specific lie that would be about the coronavirus,” to a chuckle from Sanders.

“But we’ll let them try to sort that out, I’m sure that is going to happen throughout the campaign,” Perino continued, but then added “But you you don’t have one off at the top of your head? I can’t think of one.”

“I mean, there are so many,” Sanders said, and when Perino heard that after the remote delay, she stopped her question to press the point.

“Well, no, I’m — no, I’m being honest. Like, really, like what specifically — I would just like even, like, one example of a lie from the White House about the coronavirus pandemic,” Perino said.

“Everyone that wants a test can get a test. How about that lie, because everyone who wants or needs a test in this country is not able to access testing,” Sanders replied quickly.

Sanders then offered the example of personal protective equipment (PPE), telling Perino “There are folks in places from California to Michigan to Florida and in between who are sewing masks for front-line workers because they’re — they don’t have the proper PPE. Nurses and doctors are going into operating rooms in trash bags.”

“Yes, on the PPE, I hear you,” Perino conceded.

Sanders added that while those were just a couple of the lies, “I don’t want to take the whole interview to run through them. But the reality is, the administration has not been above-board here.”

“No, I don’t either, because there’s plenty of other things to talk about,” Perino said, and moved on.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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