WATCH: Fox News Reporter Leland Vittert Gets Clobbered By Hurricane Florence, Video Feed Cuts


Fox News reporter Leland Vittert was on the beach for Hurricane Florence, reporting live today from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina as the first bands were coming ashore. The conditions were pretty extreme for reporting, and after about thirty seconds, the feed cut.

In between the video and audio freezing or cutting out, Vittert reported on the conditions to anchor Dana Perino.

Perino introduced Vittert’s report, calmly prompting him by saying “the conditions have gotten significantly worse in the last few hours.” The difference between her intro and the actual scene when his video appeared on screen was dramatic.

“Oh yeah, definitely Dana,” Vittert half-shouted through driving rain and wind. “We’re starting to get every thing that you expect to be on a beach during a hurricane. The blowing sand, the driving rain, the pounding surf coming in that you basically can’t see because […] They’re very concerned that this pier […] crashing down into the ocean. What makes this hurricane so unique also makes it so dangerous, you’ll note […] coming a little bit on […] water back behind the barrier islands […] ”

At that point the feed cut entirely. “We’re having a little bit of trouble with the technology down there, and.. with Leland Vitter’s shot,” said Perino. “We’re going to try to get him back.”

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